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RE: preliminary C virus results (object code in infection)

Please . . . . 

There is no justification for spreading tools or information that aid in 
creating or spreading viruses. Just because "script kiddies" write crappy 
code or can't violate root privileges doesn't mean that their code can't 
distract, annoy or destroy. Most Wintel viruses are poorly written - and 
buggy. Often the bugs do more damage then the payload. Melissa, by the 
way, was a petty virus that wasted hundreds of millions of dollars and 
ruined the weekend of countless system admins. 

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in infection) 
Perhaps I'm ignorant, but giving kiddies the tools to crank 
out virii 
doesn't seem that threatening, for several reasons of 
1) To make a potent virus, you need sacrificial machines, 
etc. These resources are not available to "Level 0" virus 
writers, e.g. 
"script kiddies." I assume that the spooks and industry 
types are 
way ahead of the curve went it comes to publicly available 
Essentially, kiddies will continue to produce petty, often 
virii. (And often without sanitizing elements that can be 
traced back to 
2) Limited user abilities inherent in Unix protect other 
users and "root" 
system functions. As long as a virus can't break root, and 
programs can't affect critical system files, services, etc. 
than it's no 
worse than any other user-level unix virus. Maybe now more 
prolific, but 
no more potent 
3) Cryptographic signing (e.g.MD5), checksums, etc. are 
already widely 
used to verify the integrity of code and binaries obtained 
from remote 
locations. Remember the trojaned tcp-wrappers? See: 
So if it seems they can make virii as easily as they want, 
and it won't 
affect my Linux box. 
On Fri, 17 Sep 1999, Arturo Busleiman wrote: 
> > I agree. The worst thing people on this list could do is 
to give wannabe 
> > hackers simple 
> > way to modify other people's viruses. It is somewhat 
"security trough 
> > obscurity", but it would be even worse to give wannabees 
simple tools and 
> > the knowledge they can't understand, but can modify with 
ease. No wanna see 
> > VCL for Linux, thank you! 
> You have understood my point of view, imagine the future 
of Linux (or 
> any Unix) in 4 years (OR LESS!) time! Catastrophic 
VX Heavens - collection of viruses,sources and articles.
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