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RE: preliminary C virus results (object code in infection)

>So if it seems they can make virii as easily as they want, and it won't 
>affect my Linux box. 

Yup, not yours, not mine. But what with the Joe Average? While Linux still 
is (and will be) platform that asks for an educated user, there will be more 
and more people who want to use Linux and not bother much about 
administration. Or even worse, people might start thinking that Linux is so 
easy and intuitive, they can do just everything by clicking with the mouse 
over some KDE application. 

We've seen what happened to Windows users. They think that Windows is so 
easy and powerful, they can administer it with a mouse. We all see the 
results. People that do not understand even basics of computer security. 
Lots of them. They are those who suffer from computer virii, not those who 
know how to protect themselves. 

And, we will se more and more of them migratin to Linux in the future. 

There are two reasons why we shouldn't give everything to everyone at this 

1. People need to learn things. Computer viruses are the worst thing that 
can happen to them while they're still fresh. 

2. Even more dangerous: we do have some viruses now, but we don't have any 
Coping with the wirus without a decent antiviral software is tough job even 
for very experienced administrators. Commercial antivirus makers won't make 
their own antivirus software for a while now. They will do it one day, 
because it still makes good money, even if there aren't many viruses on 
particular platform - bussiness people like to be safe and they'll buy it 
even if there's no serious threat to them. And since Linux is very open 
platform, someone will make good, GPL-ed antivirus one day. Until then, it 
would be very unfair to other users (who aren't quite good with Linux) if 
this list becomes a wannabe course for making viruses. 

And yes, third - guess who's gonna be very happy to announce that "Linux has 
many dangerous viruses and no antivirus software, and it is completely 
unsafe for bussiness, while our OS has many excellent antivirus software, 
and our new backoffice suite will have blah blah blah..." 

There are two facts that we all should keep in mind. One is that not 
everyone has experience and knowledge, and that uneducated people are the 
majority. Other is that Linux doesn't have decent antivirus (why don't we 
make one?) and therefore playing with a disease without a cure could be 
disasterous in one way or another. Even a weakest virus could make great 
damage to an ordinary user. And imagine if there's no software to remove it 
from the system... people would run away from Linux! 

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