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1999-09-17 14:53:04

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RE: preliminary C virus results (object code in infection)

> see big things ahead from this result. C virus could be knocked up in an 
> afternoon by beginners in pure C because there wont be a need to go to 
> I'll throw in some push/pop code to make sure the registers stay clean 
> i suppose. 
Oh hell, don't do that. Beginners should not have that power! a virus 
written in C? sounds like beginners will start doing silly things. 

I agree. The worst thing people on this list could do is to give wannabe 
hackers simple 
way to modify other people's viruses. It is somewhat "security trough 
obscurity", but it would be even worse to give wannabees simple tools and 
the knowledge they can't understand, but can modify with ease. No wanna see 
VCL for Linux, thank you! 

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