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RE: preliminary C virus results (object code in infection)

> 2. Even more dangerous: we do have some viruses now, but we don't have any 
> antivirus!!! 
> even if there's no serious threat to them. And since Linux is very open 
> platform, someone will make good, GPL-ed antivirus one day. Until then, it 
> would be very unfair to other users (who aren't quite good with Linux) if 
> this list becomes a wannabe course for making viruses. 
> And yes, third - guess who's gonna be very happy to announce that "Linux has 
> many dangerous viruses and no antivirus software, and it is completely 
> unsafe for bussiness, while our OS has many excellent antivirus software, 
> and our new backoffice suite will have blah blah blah..." 
actually, we have good antivirus software. AntiVir is an excelent one, 

- AntiVir/Linux Version, (Mar 29 1999, 15:24:10) 
- Copyright(c) 1994-99 by H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH 

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