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Re: preliminary C virus results (object code in infection)

> Yup, not yours, not mine. But what with the Joe Average? While Linux still 
> is (and will be) platform that asks for an educated user, there will be more 
> and more people who want to use Linux and not bother much about 

If someone is logged in as root all the time, and perhaps compiles and runs 
code, or even accepts binaries from other people, then viruses are the 
least of their problem. Note this, there are much better ways of infil- 
tration then virii, why would I bother writing a virus and infecting 
someone, when I can utilize (widely available) rootkit? 

> We've seen what happened to Windows users. They think that Windows is so 
> easy and powerful, they can administer it with a mouse. We all see the 

People have already spend enough effort telling _why_ viruses are much 
more prevalent under Windows then, so I won't go into that. 

> 1. People need to learn things. Computer viruses are the worst thing that 
> can happen to them while they're still fresh. 

I disagree with that, learning Virii is better then learning DoS attacks, 
in the traditional sense anyway. It prompts you to learn a language, get 
a better understanding of your computer, and perhaps even experiment. If 
they spend enough time learning, they will learn and become disinterested 
in maliciously infecting others' computers (hopefully). 

> 2. Even more dangerous: we do have some viruses now, but we don't have any 
> antivirus!!! 

I think someone pointed out that we have one already. Besdies, a simple 
command run from cron utilizing md5sum should provide you with enough 
functionality (for detecting changes in files anyway). On a side note, 
does anyone remember the concept of self-disinfecting files? Could that 
be a practical/useful thing to implement under UNIX, or mere an exercise 
in exoctic coding? 

This is a Virus mailing list, and most of the talk I see is about morality. 
Perhaps unix-virus-ethics is in order? :) 

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