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Учимся писать под win32 index 2

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25 Aug 99, 01:47, Stas Spiridonov >> Alexey Zhivotov 


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o HTTP Downloader v1.5 by Iczelion. Show how to write a simple 
winsock program that uses HTTP to download files. This version 
can resume broken download!. 
o HTTP Zip Dowloader v1.2 by Iczelion. Open zip archives remotely 
and let you pick the files you want to download! Come with source 
o CrueChat by +Cruehead. A win32asm chat program which demonstrates 
how to create server-sided and client-sided sockets. Come with 
source code. 
o Virogen's PE Realigner 0.04 beta by Virogen. Realign your PE 
files to make them smaller! Especially useful for programs 
written with TASM. 
o How to call NT ring-0 from DOS by EliCZ. Asm source codes to 
demonstrate the techniques. Work under Windows NT only. Check out 
his homepage. 
o PESentry by Kill3xx Another pe encrypter with full source code. 
The interesting part is the resource enumerator which you can use 
in your own projects. 
o Hidden by CybOrgAsm. A simple example on how to use a 
semi-documented kernel API call, RegisterServiceProcess, to 
hide/unhide your own process from the task list when the user 
presses Ctrl+Alt+Del. Note: this trick works on win9x only. 
o Toolbar example by Teraphy. A tiny example that shows you how to 
create a toolbar with tooltips. 
o File Encrypter by device. This program takes in a variable-length 
key and uses it to encrypt the selected file. The complete 
project is available. Written in TASM. 
* Win32 Assembly Programming Forum A forum for sharing ideas and asking 
questions about Win32 assembly programming. 
* Spanish Win32 Assembly Forum. [Image]For discussing about Win32asm in 
* Win32 Assembly Links 
o Resurrection of Assembler A great page containing essays about 
Win32 assembly programming. Participants include _masta_ and 
o Windows 95 Assembly Language Programming Tutorials written by 
Henry Takeuchi. 
o Visual Assembler A project to develop a visual IDE for Win32 
assembly programming. Now it is managed by Knotty Dread. If you 
want to help out, email him. News! NASM code snippets needed. Any 
good ideas about Visual Assembler are welcome. Don't hesitate to 
mail Knotty Dread about them 
o Steve Gibson's Homepage Homepage of the author of Small Is 
Beautiful example. 
o Whiz Kid Technomagic Homepage of G.Adam Stanislav. Another 
hardcore assembly programmer. Several Win32 asm samples are 
downloadable from this page. 
o _HaK_'s HomePage Original series of Win32 assembly tutorials. 
o _Secret's Win32 Assembly Tutorials Three tutorials for TASM 
o Lord Lucifer's Assembly HomePage Links to assembly-related 
o Win32 Programming by Tomcat. Contain many win32asm-related 
resources, including the zipped version of my tutorials and 
win32asm forum. 
o BrainSpin Contains many win32asm links. 
o Cornsoup A new aspiring programming site. This site contains 
programming essays of every description. Very informative. 
o Test Department Contains several original win32asm tutorials and 
a patcher. Written for use with MASM32 package. 
o Turbo Assembler IDE A win32asm IDE for TASM. Freeware. 
o Netwide Assembler Project The homepage of NASM, the freeware 
assembler. It will be used to power Visual Assembler in the first 
o Ron's Cornucopia for Assembly Language and Graphics Programming. 
A good website dedicated to graphics programming using assembly 
language. At the present, most of the stuff are for DOS but the 
author is working on graphics programming for Windows. 
o [..The Assembly Page..] by Jimmy. Several interesting projects in 
pure asm including telnet server/client. Also many handy file 
format references and some tutorials/info on win32 environment. 
o Lightning Software contains a win32 asm FAQ, asm source code of a 
compression utility and some cool utils coded in win32asm. 
o Stone's WebPage The treasure house of knowledge. You will find 
many many interesting source codes in win32asm there. 
o EliCZ's Hello Coder! EliCZ is a very good asm coder. You can find 
his programs with source codes here, including NT kernel-mode and 
user-mode driver skeletons. 
* Other resources 
o MASM32 version 4 The quick start MASM package for win32 asm 
programmers by hutch. Contains MASM 6.14 & link, asm template, a 
nice win32 code editor and the latest version of lib2inc utility. 
The new front-end code generator will create your program's front 
end in less than a minute. Also the latest DumpPE from Clive 
Turvey! Highly recommended. With this package , you got all you 
need to program in win32asm. This package now contains all the 
include files and import libraries. Visit MASM32 Official 
o Lib2inc v1.2a-u. A very nice utility that can extract info about 
functions in Microsoft import libraries to create include files 
with function prototypes. It can process all import libraries in 
the current folder. You can specify the format of the include 
file ,TASM or MASM. There are two versions of it now, one for 
ANSI and the other for Unicode. 
o Windows Include File version 1.12 (April, 30th, 1999) The latest 
version. Generally newer than the one in MASM32 package. 
o MASM32 Help File Contains info on MASM's high level constructs 
such as invoke, .while-.endw, and MASM macro. Also included is an 
article by lucifer on how to set up MASM for use with SoftICE 
o NMake 1.5. The free make utility from Microsoft. 
o WinEdit An award-winning programmer's editor with several nice 
features such as syntex highlighting, macro, output capture, MDI 
support and much more. 
o Microsoft Macro Assembler 6.11d patch 
o Microsoft Macro Assembler 6.12 patch 
o Microsoft Macro Assembler 6.13 patch 
o Microsoft Macro Assembler 6.14 patch fix a nasty bug in creating 
structure array 
o Win32 API reference Detailed description of every Win32 API 
o Microsoft Win32 Knowledge Base 
o Programmer's File Editor A Win32 code editor that lets you 
develop Win32 assembly programs without having to use makefiles. 
o Assembly Journal An online journal that contains all sorts of 
assembly language programming ranging from straight asm to weird 
asm such as Linux assembly language programming. 
o #win32asm An IRC channel in EFNET devoted to discussion about 
Win32 assembly programming. Talk with other Win32 asm developers 

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