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Iczelion's Win32 Assembly HomePage 

The Official HomePage of #win32asm 

I will be away for 4 months, starting on July, 24th. During that time, 
I'll not have access to the net. 

This page is devoted to programming Win32 programs using assembly language. 
It contains tutorials, forum, links and other resources to help you start 
Win32 assembly programming. If you have any comment , suggestion , question 
or anything to contribute, please email me at [email protected] 
The tutorials written by me are copyright freeware. That means they are 
available freely so long as they are not included in any commercial 
package. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. 
Other tutorials are the properties of their respective authors. 
_masta_'s Tutorials [French Translation TRUE URL] The original 
win32asm tutorials. Written for TASM. Sanctioned by _masta_!!! He will 
not write more tutorials so please don't ask. 
o _masta_'s Win32Asm Tut 0 
Introduction to Windows 32bit Assembler - requires you to have a 
basic asm knowledge. 
The goal is coding the "Hello World!" example. 
o _masta_'s Win32Asm Tut 1 
Going further into the material - this time _masta_ shows us how 
to code a "seek-and-destroy" patcher,i.e. a patcher that searches 
for a certain byte-pattern in a file and replaces it with a 
different pattern. Using such a nice patcher it's possible to 
write cracks for several versions of a program if the protection 
scheme itself isn't changed by the author. 
o _masta_'s Win32Asm Tut 2 (new,corrected version) 
This one is interesting for all game-freaks out there as it'll 
show you how to code trainers for games. _masta_ shows you how 
to write a trainer for Starcraft ! This is the new 
version,because there was an error in the source code. 
Iczelion's Tutorials [Italian translation][download the whole pack] 
o Tutorial 1: The Basics 
o Tutorial 2: MessageBox 
o Tutorial 3: A Simple Window 
o Tutorial 4: Painting with Text 
o Tutorial 5: More about Text 
o Tutorial 6: Keyboard Input 
o Tutorial 7: Mouse Input 
o Tutorial 8: Menu 
o Tutorial 9: Child Window Controls 
o Tutorial 10: Dialog Box as Main Window 
o Tutorial 11: More about Dialog Box 
o Tutorial 12: Memory Management and File I/O 
o Tutorial 13: Memory Mapped File 
o Tutorial 14: Process 
o Tutorial 15: Multithreading Programming 
o Tutorial 16: Event Object 
o Tutorial 17: Dynamic Link Libraries 
o Tutorial 18: Common Controls 
o Tutorial 19: Tree View Control 
o Tutorial 20: Window Subclassing 
o Tutorial 21: Pipe 
o Tutorial 22: Window Superclassing 
o Tutorial 23: Tray Icon 
o Tutorial 24: Windows Hooks 
Iczelion's VxD Programming Tutorials [download the whole pack] 
o Virtual Device Driver Basics 
o Virtual Machine Manager 
o Virtual Device Driver Skeleton 
o VxD Programming: Primer 
o VxD Example: MessageBox 
o DeviceIoControl Interface 
* Win32 Constant List supplied by RokFOX This is a list of most 
constants you will encounter in your programming chores. They are 
grouped by alphabet. The value is in hexadecimal. You can download the 
list in one zip file. 
* How to Write NT Services in Assembly Language by Cynical Pinnacle. 
This tutorial teaches you step by step on how to write NT services in 
asm. Concise and to the point, this is a must read for NT lovers. Come 
with source code of a simple beep service which you can use to learn 
about NT services. 
* Memory Mapped Files: Sharing Data Between Instances This advanced 
win32asm lesson by Aesculapius shows you how to use memory mapped 
files as a way to share data among processes. He explains the memory 
map used by Win32 first so you get a clear picture of how memory 
mapped file works. You can download this excellent article with the 
accompanying example here. 
* Structured Exception Handling in Win32asm by Jeremy Gordon. This 
article explains the concept of exception handling which will make 
your application more robust. The info on structured exception 
handling is hard to come by, especially in asm. A must read. Download 
the sample code here. 
* Structured Exception Handling in ASM. Two articles with code samples 
by EliCZ and the_owl. 
* Win32asm winsock programming section Contains resources about winsock 
programming including the source code of my win32asm HTTP download 
* Guide to Winsock Programming in Assembly Language 
* How to use DirectDraw in Win32ASM by X-Calibre. Show you how to use 
C++ and COM objects from assembly language. Include a cool plasma 
example in DirectDraw with source code. 
* How to obtain memory status by 'Razor'X. Demonstrate how to get 
information about current free physical memory, virtual memory and 
more. Written with TASM. 
* Examples Win32 asm examples 
o Small Is Beautiful Written by Steve Gibson. He's a die-hard 
assembly programmer who programs everything in assembly. 
MASM-specific.Visit his page. 
o Win32asm A Win32 asm toolkit designed specifically for MASM. Good 
tutorial and sample source code inside. 
o Skeleton A Win32 skeleton. MASM-specific. 
o Win95 Example A Win95 assembly example. TASM-specific. 
o Net Walker's Debugger v0.3 A Win32 asm debugger with source code! 
Demonstrate how to use dialog box as main window and the use of 
debug API. TASM-specific. 
o DirectDraw demo by Mike Bibby. Source code for both TASM and 
MASM. You need at least ddraw.lib from DirectX SDK or Visual C++ 
to assemble it or better, download MASM32 package below. 
o Simple PE Cryptor by hayras . Demonstrate how to encrypt code and 
data section of any PE file. Full source code included. 
o VGCrypt PE Encrypter 0.75 beta by Virogen. Another great PE 
encrypter with several features such as finding a location to 
insert itself between object virtual size and the next file 
alignment boundary. Visit his homepage. 
=== Cut === 
С бестовыми регардами , Kostya Volkov aka Reminder 
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