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1999-08-24 00:25:54

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Cholera 1 (New virii)

Привет All! 

Эта страничка GriYo это что-то ж)) 

Вот что я там нашел: 

Cholera has been designed to show how two viral components 
( Cholera bacterium and CTX Phage virus ) can work together 
in order to increase spreading probability. This is the 
purpose of the SIMBIOSIS project. 

Cholera was coded using Visual C++ version 6.0 and is about 
36Kb long. 

Only some KERNEL32 APIs are imported by the bacterium, 
other DLLs and APIs used are located at runtime. 

Each text string used by the bacterium have been encrypted, 
so no suspicious texts appear while browsing through the 
bacterium body using a hex-edit tool. 

Cholera is able to spread by shared drives. The bacterium 
enumerates connected network resources looking for new targets. 

Cholera also spreads itself using mail messages. The 
bacterium uses its own SMTP, MIME and BASE64 procedures, 
so it is able to send mail without relaying on MAPI, 
Outlook or any other specific application. 

Soon you will find here more information about Cholera bacterium. 
=== Cut === 

С бестовыми регардами , Kostya Volkov aka Reminder 

* Origin: 2B OR (NOT 2B) = FF (2:4631/17) 
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