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1995-07-31 20:50:12

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Письмо вирус-клуба N3

* Forwarded by Alik Trakhtman (2:465/10) 
* Area : KIEV.FRIENDS (Киевские друзья) 
* From : Oleg Mikitenko, 2:463/500 (Saturday July 29 1995 00:37) 
* To : All 
* Subj : Письмо вирус-клуба N3 

From : Igor Murovsky 2:463/136.666 
To: Maxwell Harper 1:103/350 

We are the "STEALTH group", a group of virus researches in Ukraine. 
How could our group to be useful for you ? Not a lot of, but: 
monthly virus data magazine "The Infected Voice" (in Russian, but we have 
special worldwide English issues). We are in course of last Russian and 
whole x-USSR produced viriis and could give you any what You'll interest 
in. We are waiting for Your letter by NetMail. We have an Internet address 
so say Yours if You have. 
And finally, little request. As we caught from the Virus Echo-confe- 
rence, you have some data about NuKE group. We're strongly needed in contacts 
abroad, so we'll be much grateful to You if you'll give us any info or give 
our address to NuKE band or anybody from the same, if it will not cause any 
diffiulties for You. 
With respect, sincerely, STEALTH group member, 

-+- GoldED 2.42.G0214+ 
+ Origin: Ukrainian Computer company (2:463/500) 

Приветствую, All! 

С наилучшими пожеланиями - Alik 

--- GoldED/2 2.42.G0615+ 
* Origin: MedNet (2:465/10) 
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